Meenal Solanki

Can we just go to the park, and hang?
Can we sit among the flowers, and be?

May I lie down on those dewy small green blades,
And lose myself in the sea of blue above?
Will you lie next to me and hold my hand,
So that I don’t get lost?

Will you let me hear the flutter
of the wings of the ladybirds?
And the chime of your laughter?
May I spend my day sitting there, still,

Till the sky above is dark, but
Gleaming with those little shimmers, the stars
Which reflect in your eyes?

Can I just lie in my bed, close my eyes,
And live this all over again tonight?




I miss you. You were the one person who was the kindest to me. And you were kind to everyone. Type C personality, that’s what they are calling it, the kind of people more likely to die of cancer. Because they keep it all in.

You were also unfortunately always treated as a second-class citizen, being a woman in North India. Even though you were a first-class person. You also kept it all in. I love my grandfather also, but I love you more. And seeing you always brings out the child in me.

I don’t know about spirits or stars, but as long as I live, You will live.